Bucket Wipers
Bucket Wipers
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Bucket Wipers

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Bucket Wipers - Heavy Duty Wipers in a bucket with Dispensing Top. Add your own Cleaning/Disinfecting Solution to these wipes to make your own Pre-Moistened Cleaning Wipes.

Each Bucket comes with 1 full roll of 220 wipes.
Wipe Size: 13"x9.75"

These heavy duty, highly durable wipes can either be used as a dry disposable wipe or:

Use with a diluted mixture of Lemon Gard, Stericide, or Detergicide for Covid-19 Approved Disinfectant/Sanitizing Wipes.

Use with a diluted mixture of Purple Power for an all purpose Cleaning/Degreasing Wipe.

Use with Image or a diluted mixture of Plus 40 for a Glass Cleaning Wipe.